About creativity


Artists can be compared with ships: they take the sea, wide, landless, blusterous and always new for miles and miles. But others stay at anchor in a silent harbor, far from storm and danger.

… "I' m working at music for a long time. It could be possible to have a comfortable life. But art ends where comfort is. In order not to stay in place, you need to be "changed" from "yourself". As V.Shklovski said: "I want to be changed, because I'm not tired of going up."
"Literature matters", 19677. # 11

"Rithm has changed the idea of time. If past life of an artist accorded with one period in the history of art progress, let's say, romantism or classicism, now each of us cross some passages in ascension time. Dwelling is dangerous…"
"Horizon", 1967, #10.



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