Home, where composer used to live  
Memorial board on the home-wall  
Composer's classroom  
Avenue named after composer  
Motor ship "Gara Garaev"  
Underground station  
Post mark  
Drawings, graphics, photoportrait  
Camera orchestra  
Child music school #8  
To Gara Garayev's bright memory

Suddenly separation hour came,
Motherland covered to darkness.
And sky glanced us with gloomy eyes
Mounts frozed in bitter and dumbness.
Clouds above the "Thundered way"
Slid in anxious alarm.
"Seven beauties" sighed through century,
And "Don Quixote" was gloomy on the way.
Majnun and Leyli shocked from this news,
Winds in the steppe grieved with us.
Forests and groves arched far away
Sorrowed villages covering gray.
Suddenly separation moment came…
But music that are created by you,
Flied to the world with its bright wings
And filled our life and destiny.
Song that you expressed from your heart,
Was as a bright Sun - didn't put out.
As their source's taken from motherland
They are eternal and will never die!

Hikmet Ziya May18, 1982



 © Musigi Dunyasi