About folklore and national issue:


"I'm not declined to direct a student to the citation way of use of ready examples of folk creativity at all, though this worldwide known method is also possible. Preservative tendency in the attitude to the folk music brings to its conservation, converts it to something constant and frozen, detains its progress and development, transforms to a museum exhibit. In this matte as well as in any creative query one cannot excel without exertion of the fictive initiative, without mobilization of all originative power of the young composer for serious and thoughtful selection of the most viable, valuable and progressive essence available in wide frameworks of national musical art."

"Folklore is accepted to be inexhaustible spring endlessly enabling to scoop and scoop from. In my opinion this eidolon is poetical, but not absolutely exact. To make comparison folk music most probably can be assimilated to oil deposit located in the ground as a layer being at various depth from the surface of the land. Yet some 70-80 years ago in Apsheron peninsula it was enough to dig out a well in some meters, and it was quickly filled with oil enriching the happy owner. In a pursuit of a profit people injuriously spent the top layers most accessible to them. Oil began to leave depthward.

The top layers were exhausted, and now it is possible to extract it only by means of technical adaptations. It's similarly with folk music. Let's put on thinking cap: whether we obtain it too easily, whether we use the top, easily accessible layers too ruthlessly. Isn't it a high time to think of the really inexhaustible folk music, which main riches are not only on a surface, but lie much deeper than we can assume? To reach them we need arm necessary "technical adaptations", as well. Operation of the top, easily accessible layers of our music lead to their overexploitation. The narrow circle of their intonations and turns wanders from one composition to another one infinitely repeated without exertion of an active constructive idea and initiative, consequently depersonalized and reduced to a status of a stamp."
"Soviet culture", 1962, 29 November



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