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About Uzeyir Hajibeyov:

Uzeyir Hajibeyov's role in Azerbaijan music is similar to Glinka's role in Russian musical history. All basic genres of contemporary music come from Uzeyir Hajibeyov's creativity.
"Baku worker", 1948, November 26.
(Garayev's voice)

In this talanted teacher's class who possessed some special keenness in the approach to each of his fosterlings, many of us for the first time realized that charm of artless lyrical national songs, refinement of structure of mugam cover the sensitive system and beauty not only of aesthetic, but also the logic order.
"Soviet culture", 1975, November 26 .

About Dmitriy Shostakovich:

I am often asked about how Shostakovich used to work with students and which pedagogical principals he applied. And I have to answer that he has as many principals as his students. But being very serious pedagogue he managed to impress his students to be sure to their power and to finish even the most difficult work.

High professional atmoshpere to the work ruled the class. It was just impossible to come to the class with unfinished work. And we efforted ourselves to work as a beast. I don't remember if any lazy and beachcomber student could stand for long at the class. It was demanded "to lay yourself for" all-over.

I was and will always be a thankful pupil of my beloved teacher, to whose communication I obliged with all what I am able to achieve today in music.
"Soviet music", 1996, #9.  


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