Gara Garayev's ancestors on father's genus - Faradge Haji Gara oglu (surname - Garayev comes from here) originated from Fatmai, a small settlement in Absheron peninsula situated near to Baku.

Isgender bay Akhundov - Gara Garayev's grandfather on mother's genus, belonged to erstwhile-known Shemaha generation. His wife Zuleykha belonged to famous, but improverished family of the Bayramalibayovs. Both families, which subsequently became related, by the beginning of the XXth century had represented a democratic layer of the Baku intelligency possessing not too big prosperity.

Members of this family left the memory as people of lively wit, sociable and hospitable, extremely far from any mercantile promptings, inclined to be content with intellectual and art values more than material ones.

Composer's father -Abulfaz Faradge Garayev (1885 - 1952)

Gara Garayev's father, distinguished scientist and specialist on child affections (he graduated from Medical Institute in Odessa) in Azerbaijan was very famous authority as practical-diagnostician even till the revolution, then as a theorist.

His long-term pedagogical activity at Azerbaijan State Medical University and as a head of Scientific-research Institute on maternity and childhood protection educated not only one generation of the doctors, who remember their teacher with proud and love.

After A.F.Garayev's death in 1952 his name was appropriated to Child Affections Clinic attached to Azerbaijan State Medical University.

Sona Isgender Garayeva - Gara Garayev's mother (1898-1971)

Sona was one of those few Azerbaijaniani women, who were able to get spacious education even before revolutionary decade. Her progressively conceiving parents overstepped through interdictions of religion, and in her 14 age Sona entered the school of Baku city management.

Subsequently she graduated from Baku section of "Saint Nina Institution". This talented girl was trained to play the piano, as well.

In her early age Sona poetized in native language penetrated with patriotism, civic consciousness and bitterness feelings for the people who lived in darkness and injustice with the faith of blessedness of the country which was to come.  



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