Kozlov Vladimir Mikhaylovich - talented musician.

His acquaintance with Gara Garayev was founded in 1925 at the musical school of Conservatoire (V.M.Kozlov was a student both of piano and theoretical-composer section of Conservatoire). At that time V.M.Kozlov has already possessed professional spirit and generosity, he was unusual soft and delicate person.

Creative autobiography of Gara Garayev is directly connected with Sonata for violin and piano written in 1950 (after V.M.Kozlov's death) and devoted to the memory of his friend.

Rudolphe Leopold Moritsevich (1877-1938)

Graduated from Moscow Conservatoire of S.I.Taneev's composition class (1901).

He worked as a teacher more than 20 years at Saratov musical school, afterwards at Conservatoire.

In 1930-1932 he taught at Leningrad Conservatoire and musical school of Leningrad, from 1931 he was invited to Baku Conservatoire as a chairman of composing theory department and Professor.

Sharoyev G.G. - student of distinguished Russian pedagogues M.K.Benua and A.P. Yesipova, Professor of Azerbaijan State Conservatoire, where G.Garaev studied in piano class.

Uzeyir Abdul Hajibeyov (5 (18) IÕ 1885 - 23 XII 1948)

- distinguished Soviet composer, pedagogue, public man.

Hajibeyov initiatively established a new class named "Foundations of Azerbaijan folk music". Being a big expert of musical folklore of the republic, he grounded its modal consistent patterns in harmonic theoretical system.

Gara Garayev attended Uzeyir Hajibeyov's courses on "Foundations of Azerbaijan folk music" . This great musician evaluated talented Gara Garayev's perspectives soon. "He struggled for my national soul", - said Garayev. Hajibeyov's method as any authentic pedagogue's was extended far from the theory frame.

Gara Abulfaz Garayev was very thankful to his teacher through many years. His spiritual Symphonic transcription "Ashug-sayagi" (1965) - trio for violin, cello and piano - was dedicated to the memory of Uzeyir Hajibeyov, where the peculiarities of Hajibayov's ashug style were converted.

Shostakovich Dmitriy (12 (25) IX 1906 - 9 VI 1975) - Soviet composer, pianist, pedagogue and public man.

Gara Garayev returned from Moscow in autumn of 1943, and D.Shostakovich being a professor of Moscow Conservatoire accepted him in his class.

Friendship relations between the teacher and the student lasting till the end of their life are explained with the similarity in character, opinion and creative position.

It was also proofed in productiveness or character of Garayev's work during student years without fail. First symphony (1943), Sonata la-minor, opera "Vatan" (1945), Second Symphony written by graduation of Conservatoire (1946) are undoubtedly his (Shostakovich's) student's works.


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