Final-year students' works of Gara Garayev's class being devoted to the Teacher:

Jalal Abbasov: "Prelude to Gara Garaev's memory of (1983)

Vasif Adigozelov: "Concert" for piano with orchestra (1961)

Tofig Bakikhanov: 1. "Sonata #3" for violin and piano (1976)
2. "Concert-vocalize" for alt and symphonic orchestra (1974)

Azer Dadashov: 1. "Concert" for alt and chamber orchestra (1974)
2. "Eighth symphony" for string orchestra (1984)

Elnara Dadashova: "Without you" four preludes for piano (1986)

Sevda Ibrahimova: "Dedication" for piano and chamber orchestra (1982)

Mammad Guliev: 1. Two plays for chamber orchestra
2. "Nostalgia" for big string orchestra (2000)

Arif Malikov: Ballet "Love legend" (1961)

Khayyam Mirzazadeh: "String quartet #2".


    Home, where composer used to live
    Memorial board on the home-wall
    Composer's classroom
    Avenue named after composer
    Motor ship "Gara Garaev"
    Underground station
    Post mark
    Drawings, graphics, photoportrait
    Camera orchestra
    Child music school #8



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